About Us

Old Town Vineyard & Winery is located in Ida Grove, Iowa. While Ida Grove, Iowa may seem an unlikely place to grow grapes, we are proud to call it the home of our three acre vineyard and winery.

Old Town Vineyard & Winery shares its name and location with the original settlement of the Village of Ida. Old Town Vineyard & Winery began in 2006 with the planting of 100 Marechal Foch grape vines on a southern slope overlooking the town of Ida Grove.

With additional plantings each year of LaCrescent, Prairie Star, Marquette, Noiret, Traminette, Sabrevois, Frontenac and Petite Pearl it became obvious that retirement from a busy medical practice in 2009 was necessary.

What began as a post retirement hobby has grown into a 100% family owned and operated business. Everything from the “Vines to the Wines” is the handiwork of Dr. John and Lenee Sinnott.

The winery was completed in the same year. Three acres of vineyard will allow us to produce All-Iowa vintages. Our goals are to produce quality wines and a place to share good times.

We are passionate about crafting a high-quality Iowa wine. We sincerely hope you enjoy our wine and share it often with those you love.

In the words of our favorite Irish Proverb:
“May the Roof Above Your Head Never Fall In and the Friends Gathered Below Never Fall Out”

Dr. John and Lenee Sinnott